#THE NOTE BOOK OF Pereda Pérez Arquitectos - L'Antic colonial

#THE NOTE BOOK OF Pereda Pérez Arquitectos

18 七月, 2013 | 未分類
#THE NOTE BOOK OF Pereda Pérez Arquitectos

Carlos Pereda y Óscar Pérez – Pereda | Pérez | Arquitectos – Pamplona

Pasarela peatonal en el Baluarte de Labrit, Escuela Infantil en La Milagrosa, vivienda unifamiliar en Villarcayo (Burgos)…

1 – Who are Carlos Pereda and Óscar Pérez?

We are architects who try to make sure that every project corresponds to requirements, always with a view of contemporary architecture in mind.

2 – When did you both realise that you wanted to become architects?

Before starting our degrees, we had a certain curiosity surrounding architecture which grew thanks to some of the teachers that we had at school.

3 – A benchmark for architecture…

All those who try to do things well….

4 – If you weren’t an architect, what would you have dedicated yourself to…

Carlos: Something to do with music

Óscar: I’ve never really thought about it.

5 – A strength and weakness.

So many and so few….we are incredibly passionate about our work, both a strength and a weakness…

6 – What are your homes like?

Simplistic, making an attempt to adapt to the requirements of the location and the owner.

7 – Sunday is a day for…

Anything but work.

8 – A place where you look for inspiration.

Everywhere, including the studio.

9 – What’s the last book that you read?

A book on the work of Paul Klee.

10 – Within 15 years…

Let’s hope.

11 – When you think of architecture, what comes to mind…

How difficult and valuable it is.

12 – Pencil or computer?

Pencil and computer.

13 – How would you define your work?

Engaging and precise.

14­ – A project that you would like to take on.

Any in which the client is engaged; we would never want to stop working on detached homes.

15 – What’s your opinion on Spanish design?

It’s of a very high quality which corresponds to the excellent professional training and development of Spanish architecture. We are much more appreciated outside our own borders than we are in our own country.

16 – How do you maintain your own style, whilst at the same time meeting your client’s requirements?

It’s obviously a priority to meet the client’s requirements. We’re not too preoccupied by the style, but rather the work and its engagement with the contemporary.

17 – In architecture, what would you say is your greatest strength and what do you find most challenging?

To make every project more precise and to give it all that we have, giving more and more every day: it’s paradoxical.

18 – What is your recipe for success?

Work, work and work with architecture in mind; in any case, success doesn’t have to reflect talent, work ethic is much more important.

19 – What role do natural products play in your projects?

In our work materials are essential, so natural materials are of primary importance because of the colours and textures that they provide.

20 – For you, the star L’Antic Colonial product is…

You have a very wide range of quality products… We would go for the natural products.


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