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Natural wood collections at L’Antic Colonial

22 三月, 2018 | Piedra Natural
Natural wood collections at L’Antic Colonial

Natural wood is one of the most popular materials to use when decorating houses. This is due to its versatility, warmth, capacity for thermal insulation and, of course, its beauty in the rooms it dresses. This season it is still very much in vogue in the world of interior design for its unique and beautiful features.

At L’Antic Colonial, our brochure includes two more suggestions for you, with different ranges to best fit your style and needs.

Imperial Collection: toughness and vitality in natural wood

The Imperial collection has positioned itself strongly among the collections of natural wood which make up the L’Antic Colonial brochure. There are five products in different shades including Grey, White, Caoba, Nude and Natural.

The Imperial range comprises natural oak slats with a stripped brushed finish to reinforce the natural appearance of the wood and maintain the texture and natural finish of the wood. Furthermore, in spite of only a slight variation in colour, the strongly marked knots in each slat create pieces which resemble the inner depths of the oak.

The planks can measure up to 24 x 245cm with a thickness of 1.9cm. 0.4cm of this is a fine layer of natural wood, which makes each piece unique and adds a great deal of value to the collection.

Range Collection: the most naturally aged and worn looking wood

range madera natural

The Range collection of natural wood from L’Antic Colonial stands out for its incredibly natural and characteristic surface as well as its impressive size. The collection includes four different products in a 22 cm wide plank. It covers a range of very different colours but all have a 0.4 cm top layer of hardwood:

  • Provence Range: clear and subtle colouring
  • Britain Range: neutral tones due to the bright chestnut
  • Normandy Range: dark and powerful chestnut
  • Alsace Range: stunning and suggestive colours which broaden the possbilities of the this collection

The main characteristic of the Range collections is the finish of the upper layer where you can see the beauty of the marks made by the tools on the wood giving it its worn and aged look. This oak also has a visible variation in tone which can be appreciated in each plank and is emphasised by the knots and designs which make each plank unique.

However, this characteristic texture is not the same for all the slats, as each box contains slats with the texture worked in different ways. Thus, we find pieces with marks on both sides, marks on only one of the sides, some even made diagonally or some smoother sheets in which this texture is barely perceptible. The combination of these in a room creates a natural, exclusive and evocative setting.

And if you want to talk about advances in mosaics…

Another of the star products from L’Antic Colonial are the mosaics for their aesthetic, originality and design; collections which give a touch of style to any space they cover. Some of the new incorporations to our catalogue are the new products in the World, a mosaic collection in natural stone, L’Antic Colonial’s deluxe material.

These regularly shaped, uniformly surfaced pieces are made entirely with natural stone. They consist of two different types of tiles; one with a slightly irregular texture due to the porous finish of the natural stone itself and others which are smooth with a slight relief.

The Savoya collection is another one of the novelties in the Mix Mosaics line and is made up of ceramic tiles with nuances of brightness which contrast with the impetuosity of the natural stone tiles in colours which range from the purest white to the darkest tones.

In the new collections, the natural stone maintains its protagonism. This fine material never goes out of fashion and remains unchanged with the passage of time, thanks to the Bioprot protection with which each face is treated to protect it from unexpected situations which can cause damage were it to be in its totally natural state. The ideal natural material to decorate homes both indoors and outdoors in different formats and finishes, resulting in every room and home being unique, something which L’Antic Colonial considers very important.

mosaicos antic colonial

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