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Be seduced by all that’s new in mosaics from L’Antic Colonial

27 二月, 2018 | Mosaicos
Be seduced by all that’s new in mosaics from L’Antic Colonial

Personality and style are two of our aims when gracing a room with L’Antic Colonial products. Mosaics are undoubtedly a safe bet for their original aesthetic and, in this article, we want to show you how to lend character to any room in the house using our latest products.

Our mosaic catalogue has now broadened the WORLD, GLAZE and ESSENTIAL series and now includes two new collections: SAVOY and BEZEL.

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Amsterdam Chevron Grey and Amsterdam Diamond Grey complete the Stone Mosaics WORLD series. In the former, the tiles are placed diagonally to form an arrow and in the latter, different rhombuses are interspersed to create diamond like shapes.

In these mosaics, the slightly irregular textures combined with smooth ones give a unique, elegant and personal touch.

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Wave Blue, Wave Green and Wave Turquoise have been added to the Glass Mosaic GLAZE collection, three new and colourful glass mosaics ideal for energising any space. Their serpentine shapes offer an uninhibited and relaxed style which is made even more striking thanks to the way the four colours are interspersed.

The Stone Mosaics ESSENTIAL collection has been expanded to include Net Carrara, in off-white and greyish shades, and Net Silver Wood, in cream tones suitable for any room.

The latest innovations from ESSENTIAL Net are rendered highly attractive thanks to the stunning contrasts between elongated smooth tiles and other rougher hexagonal ones.

SAVOYA has arisen from Mix Mosaics, a new and very special collection which integrates ceramic and natural stone tiles in a round-edged format which gives that distinctive touch to any space.

From the whites of Savoya White to the creamier hues of Savoya Beige, each piece comprises different tones to form ensembles which inspire harmony in all four products.


The BEZEL collection, as part of the always radiant and attractive Glass Mosaic collection, concludes the new additions. Zinc, Basalt, Jasper and Cobalt are capable of filling any room with light and freshness thanks to the glassy material which favours the lustre of their colourful tones.

The varied and appealing rectangular tiles making up BEZEL come in different sizes and finishes, some are translucent and some in matt emphasising the difference between the mosaic pieces. Thanks to this, this tasteful design offers a lovely light and dark appearance.

New and varied options of irregular and exclusive surfaces to adorn rooms using L’Antic Colonial mosaics, designed for originality and style.

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