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New showroom, new vibrations at L’Antic Colonial

29 一月, 2018 | Sala de exposición
New showroom, new vibrations at L’Antic Colonial

‘Improvement is change, so to be perfect you have to change often’. True to this idea, L’Antic Colonial has decided to revamp their showroom by creating new exhibition areas and adding some surprises.

Different areas make up our exhibition space. In these you can see, touch and discover all the materials that comprise our extensive L’Antic Colonial catalogue, both in individual pieces and in combinations or in recreated rooms: made from natural wood in different finishes and colours, to natural stone, mosaics, laminates, decking in addition to a wide selection of bathroom furniture.

Technology makes headway in this refurbishment, letting the premise, which make up the L’Antic Colonial philosophy, be integrated into the exhibition environment created.

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L’Antic Colonial Showroom: an area with character

Under the banner ‘Places you’d love to live’, the studio of the Valencian Ramón Esteve, together with the L’Antic Colonial team, has remodelled our exhibition hall, understanding it as a global concept of architecture and design. An elegant setting, with style and a lot of character.

On our right is the mosaic zone, in which we can see a multitude displayed on walls and combined with other materials from L’Antic Colonial, like wood and natural stone.

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Wood and natural stone, the absolute stars

The area dedicated to natural wood in various formats and finishes show the many choices this fine material has to offer as far as decor, wooden flooring and customising spaces with cladding goes. In this area, the visitor has an interactive screen at their disposal in which they can discover the features of this material and create their own setting to visualise the final result of the installation.

Another area devoted to natural stone is where the visitor can discover the features of this material in different rooms. Here different cladding and paving options in natural stone are on show and, just like in the wood area, there is an interactive screen in which we can see the varied formats each natural stone has to offer.

Porcelanosa International Exhibition | Create your own space with the latest from L’Antic Colonial

Another part of the Porcelanosa Group exhibition offers its visitors different ways of combining the latest articles, furniture, bathroom mirrors and washbasins, in order to create the most sophisticated and extraordinary bathrooms.

An area in which to become acquainted with the innovations we have in our catalogues, unveil possible combinations and be able to see a true likeness of the final result of each composition.

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Design, fashion and decor in our Gastrobar

If you are a fan of gastronomy, design and decoration, the Gastrobar is the place to be. Here you can get to know the areas that make up this kind of premises, totally kitted out with authentic natural materials from L’Antic Colonial. With them we have managed to give strength and vitality to every corner.

Discover a space in which avant-garde cuisine goes beyond the food, permeating objects, furniture, floors and ceilings. The Gastrobar is a recreated space to live gastronomic experiences in an environment in which design and modernity set the standard between textures and ingredients, furniture and objects. A place in which to develop a gastronomic philosophy in which we have continued to implement our commitment to nature and the environment.

Spaces inspired by the Alexandra Collection

In the lower floor of the building, a second area shows us different hotel rooms in which the visitor can be inspired at the same time as getting to know the more professional applications of our materials.

With the collaboration of Alexandra Collection this environment becomes a hotel space with great pretensions. A meticulous selection of ambitious materials from L’Antic Colonial which, together with the Alexandra Collection, has managed to recreate places of great beauty and attractiveness. The perfect finishing touch to a refurbishment.

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